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The all important front window of the newsagency, or any retail business for that matter

The front window display of your shop is your headline. It announces you, defines you to those passing by for the first time and can catch the attention of regular and possibly store-blind shoppers.

Your front window display is your opening statement, your this is what to expect from us not.

The front window is the best place to play against assumptions about your business and the newsagency shingle more broadly.

The front window display needs to change regularly. How regularly will depend on your local traffic cycle.

I love this front window display from the awesome team at our Westfield Southland store.

This front window pitch introduces new products, excellent margin products. It’s successfully attracted new shoppers, which we love.

I think the best way to approach a front window as it being one of the most important marketing activities in retail. And, as local independent retailers, we can pitch a front window that feels warm – unlike the soulless windows we see in franchise and corporate chain stores.


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