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Growing card sales in the newsagency

Mark Fletcher
May 8th, 2021 · No Comments

Growing card sales in newsagencies is valuable business given the margin and responsiveness of cards to  engagement.

The store for which the graph has been produced as part of a deep dive to the pocket level into card performance and done without card company engagement, has achieved excellent growth while at the same time reducing space allocated to cards and reducing the capital invested in cards. This is a win, win, win … an extraordinary result.

The key for this business has been data. Every decision has been based on evidence, data. Every decision has been subsequently tested, by data. Decisions that have not worked as well as needed have been replaced or adjusted, guided by data.

My point is, newsagents can sell more cards, make more money from cards, by leveraging their own business data.

Pitch warning. This is a newsXpress initiative. It has developed comprehensive intellectual property that leveraged data from the Tower Systems software, overlays this with pocket and caption data and then produces the most thorough card performance analysis you will find. It covers cards on the wood as well as spinners. It is fearless when considering suppliers.

The intellectual property has been tested in plenty of stores and in every single case, double digit growth in card revenue has been achieved. Oh, any double digit growth, I mean anything between 15% and 60%. Usually on the back of no additional capital investment.

I doubt a card company itself could achieve this since the analysis that feeds the business decisions I am talking about it from the store level. Card companies know what they sell in and what they take back as returns down the track. It is the over the counter sales data that is key. Also, if you have more than one card company, only your data can be useful in a whole of business view.

Card sales are up. Not just because of what I am writing about here. They are up generally because people are connecting more. Smart newsagents are leveraging this, riding the wave to maximise the opportunity its for their business.

The work behind the results I am writing about here is considerable. But so, too, is the financial reward. And, the reward travels beyond card revenue since happy card shoppers add other items to their basket in a visit. This is the icing that is so valuable.


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