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NSW Covid health orders confusing

In several online places as well and through direct contact, NSW newsagents have expressed frustration at unclear health orders by the state government in response to the most recent Covid outbreak.

The overarching use your common sense mantra from the Premier and Health Minister along with examples of what people can and cannot do feed into the confusion/

It is clear that retail can be open. I think that is because the government does not want to be accused of shutting retail, down. But, shoppers cannot shop, except for essential items.

Here’s the rub – what is essential? That definition appears to be flexible, subjective.

Working is essential. So, you can leave a locked down area to go to non locked down area to work if required, without quarantine requirement.

From a business owner perspective much of what you do within your business is up to you given the flexibility in the rules.

If my business was in NSW in a non locked down area and I had staff living in a lockdown area, I’d not require them to attend work, for the safety of everyone else in the business. I’d police a no make = no shop rule.

In the business I’d be playing happy music. I’d re-cast products in the shop to make the shop easier to shop, especially the things people are likely to shop for right now.

Online, I’d gently pitch being open and offering safe shopping.

I’d also encourage everyone working in the business to be vaccinated as soon as they can, and provide time off for vaccines to be administered.

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  1. Steve

    Our business borders the lockdown councils. Having visited the store this morning foot traffic is definitely down but most appear to be understanding the new mask rules. For those yet to fully understand the new rules we are asking them to wait outside and our staff are serving them there. All seems to be working well. All retailers in town seem to be following the same common sense approach. Unfortunately we are now 1 staff member down as this staff member passed through Sydney airport yesterday and now has to self quarantine. We battle on.


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