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The keywords of shoppers: who is Frida Kahlo and why does she matter to us?

Frida Kahlo is an artist from Mexico, who lived from 1907 to 1954. Her art consisted mainly of self portraits. She is considered a feminist icon, and rightly so. Interest in her has grown in recent years through careful management of licences associated with her.

We have several suppliers to our channel with Frida Kahlo products. There are cards, journals, calendar, cushions, wrap and more. These are items bought by and for, primarily, women, 25 to 50.

This is why Frida Kahlo matters. But let me add to that. through search data, we can see that every day Aussies are search Frida Kahlo online. Here is current search data:

When I am considering Licenced product for my shops, I look at search data as it is real, current and accurate. It helps me assess the interest in this licence over another licence and that can sway my purchasing.

This research into online searches also helps determine the value of buying products from multiple suppliers for a licence. This is the case with the Frida Kahlo brand. The 12,100 searches for the specific brand are interesting. Expand the consideration to all associated keywords and you have 82,700 searches a month in Australia. That makes it a commercially viable brand. Also, thanks too the search data I can access, I can see the sites people go to for their Frida Kahlo fix, and this can guide how I represent the brand in-store.

All of this speaks to the importance of data in guiding retail business decisions. It also speaks to what we have to do in considering what to sell in ur shops. Retail is different today. We have more data available for decision making. We have more options, too, thanks to more suppliers selling to us.

What people search for online is valuable as we evolve our retail businesses. It reveals more to you than you can know from those walking into or past your shop. It’s powerful data, and accessible data. It is vital that we tap into it, to understand opportunities, especially for Licenced product, like Frida Kahlo, which may have not been on our radar in the past.

Whereas previously we’d worry about the range of pens we had, the six of magazines in a category, our birthday card mix or some sub-$20 gift lines, today brand or licence driven retailers are able to broaden their appeal by sensitively tapping into respected brands that stand for something, by sourcing deeply into the brand across multiple suppliers.

It all starts with accurate search data. tap into that and you can tap into a well of new shopper traffic.

This is what the newsagency of the future needs to do – pursue growth through data.

newsagency of the future

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  1. Peter

    Thanks for sharing these insights Mark. I think we newsagents rely too much on suppliers telling us what we should stock. What you have written about here, while it challenges by technology illiterate brain, reads like the plan we must have. Knowing what I could stock based on what people are searching for is fascinating. Well done.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Thanks Peter. The process of attracting people to any business has changed significantly in recent years. This is especially true in retail. Whereas in the past location was the absolute key, today location does not have to be the key … as people can shop from anywhere, at anytime.


  3. Simon

    My website went live two months ago. Before then I wouldn’t have cared about this topic. Now, I’m obsessed. It’s weird selling something to someone who will never see the shop.


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