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Tabcorp ramping up text marketing?

Looking back on text messages from Tabcorp over the last couple of years and it looks like they are texting more now than in the past. And, while the text mentions in-store, of course you can’t be in-store in a click.

Text message marketing is very effective at driving immediate engagement. IOf the target has not bought and if a $20 first division prize is appealing, in a couple of click they can have a ticket and that’s what matters here.

Tabcorp are doing here what any shareholder would want them to do. They are doing what they have to to capture the impulse purchase. It is so much easier to click and purchase than walk or drive to the shops, front up and purchase over the counter. Indeed, much easier to do this today than a couple of years ago, pre Covid.

So, yeah, I understand why Tabcorp is texting people. I’m writing about it today so that lottery retailers understand.


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