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Crosswords: the one magazine category you can count on

Crossword magazine sales continue to be strong in newsagencies. They grew last year through the early months of Covid and have performed well since.

The keys to success are range of types and titles, grouped location in the magazine department, plenty of full-face displays and customer service.

Crosswords are efficient in that crossword shoppers are more likely to purchase other items – they have a more efficient basket for the business.

Crossword shoppers are more likely to purchase jigsaws, pens and craft products. I say this based on newsagency shopping basket analysis. Plus, crossword shoppers actively encourage others to join them in their passion for crosswords.

My advice to newsagents is to check in with what you are doing re crosswords, look for an opportunity to do more, do better. The response typically will be a boost in sales, which we’d all like. Oh, and by more I mean: a refreshed display, co-location at the counter of some titles, pitching on social media, being active with what is placed next to crosswords and rewarding loyalty as the crossword shopper is likely to be your most loyal magazine shopper.


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