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Covid support for VIC, NSW and ACT businesses

I helped a Victorian newsagency business to land $7,600 in Covid related grants last week. They aren’t the only ones. there are plenty of grant opportunities available.

NSW, ACT and Victorian businesses have access to a range of grant opportunities. Our advice is:

  • Review each grant opportunity. yes, it is worth the time it takes.
  • Apply even if you do not quite meet the criteria as the rejection provides an opportunity for you to make a stronger case.
  • Make the application yourself. There is no need to pay your external accountant to do this for you.
  • Do this now. Don’t wait.

Here are some of the grant opportunities by region.

NSW newsagents. Click here to access the overall Covid grants page. Of particular interest is JobSaver, a wages subsidy that to Jobkeeper rebranded by the federal government for NSW. Click here to see a useful side boy side comparison of grants.

ACT newsagents. You have access to several grants if turnover is down by 30% or more. Click here for the page with details. The business grant looks interesting too. Check out the business $10,000 grant. You’d use the Monthly Sales Comparison Report to determine if you are eligible. Note: this report has some selection options that could be useful.

VIC newsagents. Click here for the page that lists all grant options. If you are down 70%, the hardship fund could be interesting. if turnover is down 30% or more, you and your landlord could work together on funding support. If you are Covid impacted and need to do a deep clean, click here for a rebate.

Nationally, click here to a web page from the federal government that acts as a portal for all states and territories.

I think what is happening in NSW with the messaging around Covid is interesting from a business perspective. Reading between the lines, there is likely to be commercial value in vaccination of everyone working in a business, as well as vaccination in your local community. My point is, if you can get vaccinated, do so, as there may be a point down the track where that is a bankable advantage.

This is small of the advice provided to newsXpress members as part of the on-going Covid support and communications package.

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