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Strong diary sales in the newsagency already

2022 is set to be a busy year if diary sales are anything to go off. We have had diaries out for a few weeks and sales are ahead of 2020 and the all important 2019 (given that last year was odd). Like, way ahead.

Like many newsagents, we have a good range, which we are pitching mid way into the store. We have done a bit on social media but not much. I mention this to note that diary sales are primarily to people seeking them out.

Even though our general stationery sales are way down, because we have ranged that department to be that way, diaries are a focus because they connect with other categories and because they make good gifts. We pitch them this way, too … as gifts and connected with other categories such as journals, notebooks and similar.


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  1. Rod Hurley


    Have you had any luck finding a value brand since Milford exited the Australian market?

    I have Collins, IG Design and some from Bartel, but Milford had a great range at affordable prices.

    Their range was a bit more ‘gift’ focused too


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