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Understanding a massive retail competitor

Local small business retailers too often dismiss Amazon as a competitor because they are too big, or feel unreachable. The thing in, Amazon is one of the most clever and engaged data driven companies in the world.

If you want to understand how the company leverages data in its decision making, read Mapping Amazon. Where the Online Giant Locates Its Warehouses and Why. I found it educational, and fascinating.

Amazon is a competitor we need to better understand. Their reach is extraordinary. Every move is calculated, based on data, and that is why this article is important to read.

The article I have linked to can be easy to dismiss with they are not doing that here, because we don’t see it like in Mexico or the US. They are, though, but on a scale approximating our size.

Amazon is a massive competitor. It is vital we try and understand them.


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  1. Shawn

    Adam Hudson from Reliable Education said in a recent webinar that sales from amazon.com.au are expected to grow to over 10 billion by the end of the current decade. I assume this will put significantly more pressure on our retail. What do you think?


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Shawn while I am sure Amazon will grow, so, too, will pressure on politicians and regulators to look at their market share. The best retailers can do is seek our opportunities for differentiation.


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