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The late newspaper problem in Brisbane that has customers and newsagents frustrated

For all their talk about a better customer experience with changes they have made to newspaper distribution in Brisbane, News Corp. is yet to deliver (excuse the pun).

It’s now more than 3 weeks into the new arrangements and newsagents and customers alike are frustrated, upset, disappointed and angry at the continued failure of News Corp, Fairfax and their distribution partners to deliver the newspapers on time.

The newspaper delivery failure costs sales and damages customer service.

It’s like the newspaper publishers don’t care about newspapers any more, a newsagent wrote to me yesterday.

They took a system that was working and f*&%ed it up royally, another newsagent said.

I’ve ditched my print newspaper forever, said one long-standing home delivery customer.

The emotion aside, this is a dreadful situation that has come about solely because of decisions by the publishers. It is their failure to own.

What amplifies the situation is the poor communication from the publishers and their appointees about it.

Late newspapers are a problem in Brisbane. But, please, don’t blame your local newsagent.

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  1. Russell McDonnell

    News Ltd kicked their biggest supporters for over 50 years in the guts by driving customers online with their incompetent delivery and customer service. Online is the underlying factor behind the farcical decisions made by News Ltd on how they have changed their business model.


  2. Bruce H

    It seems that in every capital city where the print and distribution model has been changed so far, the customer experience for newsagents and their customers has been significantly impacted. Late or non-delivered papers for subscribers! Late and damaged bundles to retailers! But the bottom line for the publishers clearly dictates all decisions. Progress? I think not!!


  3. Lynne Baucher

    I have had been a customer for over 18 years. Since the change from News Agents doing our delivery the service has been disgusting. Only getting 1 or 2 papers per week. To try and contact customer service is impossible until I discovered go to pay an account and you can speak to someone. Your complaint is to be elevated but that means nothing. Automated replies day after day. I have entered no delivery every day and then receive an automated email saying what days did you miss papers.Why did I bother registering How these big companies can pay people mega dollars to make these stupid decisions. It was working perfectly well and decide to stuff it. Why can’t they admit they were wrong and start again with what worked.


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