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The shop early for Christmas message has cut through

Looking at Christmas related sales for a range of newsagencies and some other retailers and it is obvious that the news stories about supply chain challenges have cut through.

Across all Christmas related categories, sales are up compared to the same time in 2019. Yes, I compare with 2019 for a more authentic comparison since 2020 was Covid impacted.

Christmas single cards and Christmas boxed cards are a good indicator for our channel and both are doing very well, which is not good news for suppliers yet to deliver Christmas singles.

Gifts and toys, too, are performing very well, calendars, too. Toy shops I have spoken with say that October for them has been like the first couple of weeks of December for an average year – extraordinary sales.

The approach of shoppers appears to be if it could work as a gift, buy it now because who knows what the situation will be like next week.

Smart retailers are embracing the opportunity with easily shopped, practical placement or products people will want to give adjacent to cards, bags and wrap.

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