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Featuring The Saturday Paper

I love this placement of The Saturday Paper in the front window of a bookshop in Melbourne, which I saw over the weekend.

With over the counter purchases of newspapers continuing to decline in our channel, promotion of a full front page in the window every few days could be a way to stem the decline.

Many of us ripped out our front of store newspaper stands and gave that space over to more profitable lines, believing that newspaper customers will go to wherever they are in-store. Those moves made sense, and the make sense today for newsagents yet to make the move. But, such moves see newspaper front pages being seen by fewer eyeballs.

Looking at the photo in the bookshop window, I was reminded to treat a newspaper as a product rather than as a service or utility. This means looking at the front cover and leveraging it if you think it could attract impulse purchases in your area.

I am not suggesting a significant change to the treatment of newspapers. Rather, I am suggesting a more considered approach. If you think a front cover could attract impulse purchases, give it a moment in the spotlight.


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