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Click and collect remains popular after lockdown lifted

Click and collect continues to be popular in Sydney and Melbourne businesses after lockdowns in each city has been lifted.

From what I can see it is stronger in these two locations than elsewhere in Australia. Maybe that has something to do with the two recent long lockdowns. I’m not sure.

I mention it today to remind retailers that having an easily accessible click and collect solution for ordering and pickup is critical even post lockdown as it looks like it will be here for some time.

Click and collect can open your business to shoppers you don’t usually see in-store.

It can also make it easier for people to shop with you while you are closed.

Click and collect makes it easier for family living elsewhere purchase for loved-ones near the shop.

And, it can offer you management options for staff in-store depending on the volumes you can achieve.

Now, thinking about newsagency businesses, what are shoppers purchasing through click and collect? This list is a sample, but certainly not everything: Cards. Gifts. Magazines.Newspapers. Stationery. Toys. This is based on what I have seen over the last month.

Right now, of course, there is a higher indexing of Christmas gifts in click and collect – because of the lack of trust in Australia Post and others to deliver on time.

My advice? Make sure you ave a click and collect option, make it easy for customers and for the business.

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