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Production issues with The Age upsetting home delivery customers

Here’s what one subscriber shares on Twitter yesterday:

It’s another newspaper home delivery fail that’s on the publisher.

newspaper home delivery

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  1. Sarah Reichert

    So only one half of The Age delivered today. Why can’t you be proactive and advise your customers when there’s a “production issue” so we don’t waste our time hunting through our gardens (and next door’s) for a paper that never arrived? This is getting beyond ridiculous and your contempt for loyal, long-term subscribers is beyond the pale.


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Sarah, I assume your comment is directed at the newspaper publisher. They are not here, unfortunately.


    • Sarah Reichert

      Mark – could you please delete my comment. This was taken from a missed delivery form I submitted to The Age, which I understood to be private, and I have no idea how it ended up here. The comment and my name was never intended for a public forum, so could you please remove it asap. Thank you.


  3. MICHAEL Cleaver

    No Spectrum in 3 weels. Half a paper is not good enough.


  4. Angela Chynoweth

    I am a long term subscriber to The Age. I am furious at the ad hoc way the paper is now being delivered. It is late most days. I rely on the Age being delivered before 7.30 am.
    This is not what I signed up for.
    Previously the Age was delivered before 7.30am. I do not care if it is flat or tubular. Please rectify this dreadful system


  5. Sylvia barnes

    Angela, I am also a long-time subscriber of the Age. You are fortunate to receive any deliveries at all. During the past 11 days my paper has been delivered on only four.
    Since delivery was taken out of the hands of newsagents I’ve found the Age up a tree, in the rose-bushes, in the middle of the road and in the gutter. On one occasion I received the ‘Herald-Sun’, and on another , ‘Il Globo’ . Now I’m lucky to find any paper at all. Phoning 13 666 666 as resulted in no improvement. Perhaps a boy on a bicycle, or Amazon would be more reliable. At least they would have been able to deliver on more than 2 Sundays this year.


  6. Helene Wild

    As long term subscribers to The Age, we (subscription in my husband’s name – Alex Wild) are disgusted and frustrated at the sporadic delivery of The Age. When we first subscribed ca 50 years ago, we collected our paper from THE PAPER CONTAINER (delivered by a boy on a bike) and read it on public transport while going to work. Then the Paper Boys were sacked and the local newsagent delivered the paper “chucked” from a passing car. Lucky if it landed on our property rather than the public footpath, the nature strip or in the gutter on a rainy day. On several occasions, no delivery! A recent change to contractor deliveries. We were advised delivery would be by 6.30am. It was – for the first week or so. Now delivery times are erratic, but usually late or very late. Often no delivery or the wrong paper – e.g. the Herald Sun and The Australian. Our newspaper could land anywhere – on or off our property. We recently renewed our subscription and are wishing we hadn’t bothered.


  7. john Aufmanis

    The current home delivery “service” is a total waste of time. In the last five weeks I have only had the Saturday Age delivered once, and that had been thrown haphazardly on the footpath closer to the driveway next-door than ours. Interestingly they have not been able to follow that effort up as again, my paper has again not been delivered! A totally inefficient delivery supplier.



    HI , My Member No. is XXXXX. Over the past 5 weeks I have had delivery issues. Different excuses each week. Today another no delivery. The Ageg Personel are all talk or no talk, also promosed no delivery charges to be refunded have not happened. Get your act in place, might be good for me to contact a current affeir, I know I am one of many in Melbourne alone. Please respond with some action Thanks I>W>H>


  9. David Gentle

    The Age delivery service failed again today – 25 April 2022.
    I’ll switch to The Australian soon to see if that service is better.


    • Gregg

      Good luck with that David. The service if it is through a contractor will be just as appalling and will be more than likely the same contractor that delivers the Age.


  10. Peter Johns

    How long will this lack of a daily paper delivery last? We have had to buy our paper for weeks.It would help to know that we can depend on a daily delivery,


  11. margaret harrison

    No Age – or Fin Review -were delivered yet again. This is infuriating and seems to have become an unsolvable problem over a period of months .We too are long term subscribers but are totally fed up with the lack of response/improvement.


  12. Paul

    Can empathise with above comments. Used too be 7:30 delivery, now lucky to get at 8:30 … but … Three weeks missed Aust Financial Review delivery in a row. Week ago asked case to be escalated – result – no delivery! Yay. Wondering is the problem the local printing or the distribution in Melbourne? Any ideas out there. I’m inner city. Perhaps the issue is the newspapers can’t be bothered with the print edition. Have requested many times electronic copy should be made avail for print copy so at least there’s something. Sadly, same deaf ears.


  13. Jamie

    Age delivery has become an appalling service. Ok, there were production/supply chain problems, but that was in November and it is now May. Surely six months is enough time to get a fix in place. We are inner Melbourne and most weeks miss at least 2 days per week: over the last 6 days we have missed 3 days (Thursday, Saturday & today Tuesday), so essentially every second day has been missed, & usually seem to be editions with Green Guide, Weekend Magazine, Domain, Epicure etc. By the time you get to the local newsagent they have sold out.
    If you are offering a service then please provide it!


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