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Is there a quality problem with products made in China at the moment?

Maybe it’s just me but it feels as if the quality of some products coming out of China at the moment is less than it was a couple of years. I say this based on the number of credits sought when checking new products coming it.

Of particular concern is seasonal products for which there is no replacement stock, leaving a hole to be filled. For example, licenced Christmas ornaments that look dirty or damaged and that will certainly not sell.

This is a problem suppliers need to address. Usually, they have quality control agents working with factory in China, checking products as they come off the production line. For some suppliers, it’s as if those quality control agents are not working as they were.

We have changed our product checking process to ensure we catch problematic product before it hits the shop floor or the online sales fulfilment desk. While you could argue every product should have been checked previously – with shrink wrapped product this can be time-consuming and not something a shopper wants if they are buying to collect and keep unopened for years.

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