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Your local newsagent is the best shop to shop for Christmas cards

If you’re shopping for Christmas cards, shop at your local newsagency.

At your local newsagency you will find the best range of Christmas captions, better than in the supermarket, better than almost anywhere. Captions like son and daughter-in-law or daughter and family or aunt, or uncle or neighbour.

At your local newsagency you will find quality Christmas cards. Sure, the local $2 shop may have cheaper cards, but they feel cheaper.

At your local newsagency you are more likely to find Christmas cards that co-ordinate with wrap and bags, offering a cohesive visual message.

At your local newsagency you will find Christmas money wallets and Christmas gift card wallets that you’re unlikely to fine elsewhere.

At your local newsagency you’ll find a range of boxed Christmas cards that are second to none.

But, best of all, in plenty of local newsagencies, you will find Aussie designed and printed Christmas cards. What a treat … supporting jobs for local artists and printers.

Where you buy your Christmas cards is a choice. I’m sure your local newsagent and all who rely on the business for income and support would appreciate your business.

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