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Changing the pen pitch in the newsagency

I’ve talked here plenty of times about how pens are displayed in retail shops I like overseas. I am grateful to the team for this execution now in place at one of my shops.

It’s been in place a couple of weeks and the shopper reaction has been terrific in terms of comments and purchases.

Best of all, it has changed (in a good way) how shoppers interact with the category, which was our goal for making the change. The move is part of the on-going narrative evolution away from traditional newsagency.

I made the video to pitch the change on social media. I filmed it using my iPhone and dropped that video into iMovie, where I stripped out the sound of the shop. From there I took it to an online edit quite where I added background music and text. The whole thing took less than 5 minutes to make. I mention all the steps to show that anyone could do this.


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