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Milkrun: a business to watch

Milkrun is an Aussie tech / retail startup that is worth watching. What they are doin g is what newsagents could have done back when they were transitioning from being local distributors. But, to be fair, the tech has come into its own and Covid … making Milkrun’s timing for now just right I suspect.

This 7 news story has details:

I mention it because of the comment about dark stores / dark retail – this is a retail situation not open to the public. Dark retail is something I have advocated newsagents have at the back of their shop for an online business, a side-hustle that can use shop infrastructure.

So while it’s too late to get into this Milkrun type of business offering local deliveries, there are aspects of what they have done and are doing that can inspire newsagents, like dark retail.


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