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Fair Work Commission decides to introduce 10 days paid family domestic violence into awards

Click here to access the Fair Work website information on the provisional view announced yesterday. The news is getting coverage overseas.

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  1. Steve

    No issue with this leave but not sure why employers should be burdened with its funding. Surely this a whole of society problem that should be funded accordingly. Perhaps a levy on all taxable incomes , including corporates? For employers the levy could at least fund the cost of replacement labour.


  2. Graeme Day

    Heavier fines for the perpertrator would be a good start. Those who break law especially Domestic Violence should face the consequences of heavy fines, compulsory counselling and possible goal for repeat offenses.
    This has nothing to do with award wages ..why should the hard working person pay for the minority abuse. It is a society problem however easliy identified within.


  3. Graeme Day

    I don’t get the gist. 10 days full pay leave from work solves Domestic Violence. More time at work less time for domestic upheaval. seriously, being considerate and practical the money should be spent on counselling -family reconstruction -responsibilities for all concerned -less phychiacric jargon and more practical applications. and above all depending upon the case, security and protection for the victims.
    This is a separate issue and one for all of society -leave of absense from work may be essential, however a separate domestic violence programme should be reponsible to overseer the situtaion -it’s a Welfare issue that really needs a structure set into place.


  4. Mark Fletcher

    I think what has happened here is that Fair Work has made a decision that you’d expect a government to make. I expect the government to address this, pressured into action by the Fair Work decision.

    I don’t see anywhere in the Fair Work consideration that they see it as their job to ‘solve’ domestic violence.

    What matters with this is where the federal government lands in coming months.


  5. Graeme Day

    I agree Mark it is a Social issue of which Government needs to address and then give direction. If it is to protect earnings and keep the situation as stable as it can for a definitive period -then again it’s not universal. Should have been in place already.


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