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Connecting with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

There was a time when every royal celebration or anniversary was a big deal in Australia, and shops would have a range of products with which people could engage.

It’s 2022, and times have changed. That said, there is good interest in the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As an authorised partner of the Royal Australian Mint, I am grateful he have access to mint coin products marking the occasion.

The coins have the dual appeal – to those who support and / or loyalty the Royal Family, and, too coin collectors.

We have found them useful in attracting shoppers who might otherwise not have considered us. Having an online store to easily connect with them has been key – not only for sales but for those who use the online store to find products they then come into the shop to purchase.

We have made the most of the opportunity through in-store product placement, email marketing and social media engagement, with collateral we created ourselves.

While we do have all the magazines with the Queen on the cover, plenty of other retailers have them too. The coins are a little less accessible elsewhere, which I like. They have given us an opportunity to differentiate.

I’d note the price point range of $12.50 to $100.00 makes these collector coins accessible to a wide group.

While I am no booster for the Royal Family, I am glad to haver had these products and plenty of our customers are appreciating them.

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