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Time running out on lower cost card postage overseas

While newsagents with LPOs will know about this, it could be news to others:

On Tuesday, 31May to 31 July 2022, a promotion will commence at all Post Offices nationally of an International Greeting Card postage rate of $3.00, this will apply to greetings cards and post cards.

The purpose of the promotion is to address feedback from Post Office teams and customers regarding lightweight envelopes and greeting cards sent internationally being charged as a large letter, which is a significantly higher rate than the small letter rate.

To be eligible for the International Greeting Card postage rate of $3.00, the envelope must,
·                Be no heavier than a maximum 50gm
·                Be no thicker than a maximum of 5mm
·                Be no larger than 260mm x 360mm
·                Have contents that are card(s) only. Note, multiple cards can be included however the maximum weight, thickness and size restrictions must not be exceeded.
·                Be endorsed with Card Only or similar on the envelope by the sender.

Please note,
·                If one of the above conditions is exceeded, the large letter rate will apply.
·                If the card(s) is not heavier than 50gms, small letter rate should apply for Zone 1 ($2.50) and Zone 2 ($2.70) customers.

Postage can be provided by using international stamps or by generating a label via Postage Assessment and the International greeting card should be streamed as a standard letter.

This is a good message to promote.

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