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Covid rapid test sales increasing

There has been a surge in the sale of Covid rapid tests last week. We have kept our price at 5 for $20.00, which is half the price of nearby pharmacies for exactly the same product.

We don’t see the Covid tests as a product off of which to profit. Rather, we offer them as a service. Most sales are to people making other purchases.

In one of our suburban high street stores we have sold 150 tests in the last 2 months.

In addition to the low-cost Covid rapid tests, we continue to offer free face masks at the counter and hand sanitiser.

What’s interesting is the shift in the last few weeks. While early in June we’d have people mocking the wearing of masks, not now.

We don’t require customers to wear masks, but we are putting messaging out in support of them.

While we wish Covid was in the past, it’s not, and it looks like it will be with us for quite a while. For our viability and for the health of all engaged with our local newsagency businesses, I think it is important we lead by example and reduce the opportunity for spread of infection.

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