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5 reasons to buy your Father’s Day cards at a local newsagency this year

While you can buy Father’s Day cards in all sorts of shops, I encourage you to shop at your local newsagency, and here’s why …

  1. Newsagency businesses are local. Locally owned. Locally run. What you spend is more likely to stay within the local community, your community.
  2. Doing good. Newsagency businesses offer Father’s Day cards that support charities. Charities like RU OK?, which do wonderful work in the community.
  3. Awesome range. Newsagency businesses have the best range of cards, usually more than you will see elsewhere. From fun to serious, Fram dad to pa to pop to grandpa to uncle to step-dad, the caption range is excellent. There are also cards for people who have been like a dad to you.
  4. Make it special. Newsagency businesses often have gifts to go with the cards. Plenty of them have Australian made cards and gifts, too, which further serve the local community. If you are not sure what to give, ask for help.
  5. It’s easy. Newsagency businesses are likely to offer easy shopping, grab and go. Plenty have Father’s Day gift bundles made up, ready for treats for Dad.

Shopping early for Father’s Day is good because you get to choose from the broadest range. Then, you have time to post the card and gift.

So, when shopping for Father’s Day cards and gifts this year, consider your local newsagency. They would be grateful to get your business and do their best to serve your needs.

Where you shop its a choice, a choice that can impact beyond the cash you hand over. Look at any economic study comparing the local community impact of local small business retail versus locally based big business and you will read of practical and appreciated engagement form helping a local community group, free copying for a local charity and more.

Local retail businesses, like local newsagencies, make an impact that is valuable and important.

So when you make your next shopping choice, consider local, and when you think about buying a Father’;s Day card, please think about your local newsagency. They’d love to show you an awesome range of fresh design Father’s Day cards.

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