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News Corp and Nine Media gave control of newspapers delivery to my shop to NDS and it’s been a mess ever since

For 11 days off the last 13 since NDS was given control of newspaper delivery to one of my shops in Melbourne, the newspapers have either not been delivered, not delivered on time or not delivered to the connect location.

This failure by NDS has resulted in the business spending many paid hours trying to resolved the failure relating to this mess.

The cost of the failure is amplified by the pittance Nine Media and News Corp. pay retail newsagents.

All we get from people supposed to be in control is words.

What a mess.

It’s like News and Nine want to manage a decline in print.


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  1. john

    It would appear that Newspaper publishers have lost interest in Home Delivery
    and Newsagents , by their actions preferring to support supermarket chains
    and Service Stations with such as Pay on Scan etc,
    Could it be in the future printed newspapers may only be available in these outlets ?


  2. Mark Fletcher

    John that’s what it looks and feels like, despite people at the operational level trying hard to get it right, in the executive offices my read is they are solely focussed on the landing of the company, and not its customers.


  3. Kristine Paternotte

    The ‘plastic’ envelope IS NOT WATERPROOF.paper destroyed today


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