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Newsagents: be careful in handling the extra magazine issues published to commemorate the passing of the Queen

The extra magazine issues out tomorrow present challenges for newsagents as you will have 2 issues of one title on sale at the same time.

Tower Systems earlier today published advice to its 1,700+ newsagency software customers. It’s in the Tower knowledge base and may change to suit changed circumstances:

Early Magazine Arrivals – Queen Commemoration Issues

Woman’s Day, New Idea, and Who will be releasing an early special issue on Thursday September 15th to commemorate the Queen. To avoid any billing issues with the title coming out twice in one week you will need to follow the below advice:


You will have to manually change the orders for Woman’s Day, New Idea, and Who on Monday the 19th back to Friday the 16th. This will ensure that you have dockets and a corresponding charge for the Friday deliveries. To do this please follow the steps below.
  1. Go into your subagent orders screen & select generate orders & select the week ending date in which 19/09/2022 is contained. For Most users this will be 25/9/2022.

  2. Click Generate

  3. Go to the subagent orders screen and select the week ending that contains the orders for Monday 19/09/2022

  4. Locate and change each title with the arrival date of 19/09/2022 to the 15/09/2022. You will need to do this for each subagent who receives the title.

  5. This will then move the order back to the week ending in which the 15/09/2022 is contained.

  6. When you then arrive Woman’s Day for 15/09/2022, you will be asked if you want to change the arrival day from Monday to Friday. Select NO.

  7. You will then be asked if you wish to create a non-arrival for the title. Select NO.

These titles will show correctly on your subagent dockets and will correctly bill for that week.

Do NOT generate your subagent orders again after this point for the week ending that contains the 19/09/2022 as this will re-create the orders that you have moved. If you do you will need to go into each subagent grid for the week affected and zero out the Qty for each title 

Customer Home Deliveries

For home delivery customers we you will need to
  1. Print off the Run List for the 19/09/2022 and the 15/09/2022 on the afternoon of the 14/09/2022.

  2. Transpose any home deliveries for the titles affected to the run list for the 15/09/2022Customer will be billed on Mondays as normal, providing you have NOT entered a Non Arrival.

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  1. Peter R

    Thanks for the Information though I got my extras today Thursday 15 and not Friday 16.


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