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Ukulele magazine is a perfect example of where we shine

Ukulele magazine is a perfect example of a traffic driving opportunity we have in magazines. I suspect people interested would go out of their way to pick up a copy, and, people who know ukulele players or lovers would mention it to them – offering a word of mouth opportunity for us.

It’s in the fringe special interest space that most newsagents see magazine sales growth, a space where we have no competitors.

So, with this title, we have it placed with music magazines, and we pitch it on social media, in to hope of attracting new shoppers. This is what interests me about fringe, special interest, magazines. The right title can be that valuable traffic driver we want. And, we can build around the title other sale opportunities.

Yes, yes! I get that 25% GP is appalling. It really is. But that doesn’t stop me leveraging what I can from the category.


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