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Scathing reviews for Herald Sun subscription management

News Corp’s management of subscriptions for the Herald Sun has received scathing reviews at the ProductReview.com.au website.

From 102 reviews, the company is rated at 1.1 out of a possible 5 stars.

While some reviews talk about the complex and cumbersome steps needed to cancel a subscription, others talk about home delivery, including this one that may interest newsagents:

Been receiving news paper HOME DELIVERY for over 12 years from local new agency never a problem. Once News Corp Australia took over on the 4th July WE HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A PAPER SINCE it’s now NOVEMBER. Contacted them many, many times, emailed, repeatedly asked the same questions and no follow up. NOW BEEN SENT AN INVOICE emailed and called to say NOT PAYING AS I HAVEN’T RECEIVED THE SERVICE NOW I HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR NOT PAYINIG FOR A SERVICE THEY HAVE NEVER FULLFILLED. Apparently they DO NOT DELIVER OUT HERE (Yarra Valley) Very disappointed.

This reviewer is not alone in having such experiences following the takeover of newspaper home delivery by News Corp from local newsagents.

For a company that likes telling others how to think and what to do, you;d think they could benefit from investing some of that arrogance internally.


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  1. Nancy Russell

    I have had in the past, deliveries which had been stopped. I was told that I had not made a payment for April 2023. I checked my bank statement and found that it had been paid but I was told that I would have to send a copy of my bank statement as proof. After wasting a lot of time on the phone with a person who implied that I was lying, I made the payment again ($48.00). I then arranged to start deliveries again with a new subscription
    which was to be paid by direct debit. This was fixed and deliveries were reinstated. Now I have had my deliveries stopped today Sunday 13th of August. I have checked my bank statement and payments have not been made. I did not stop the payments nor did my bank. I did not ever have a problem with the local newsagent since 1979. Not only should NEWS Corp train their staff so that they have some knowledge of your system also teaching them a few manners and respect for the customers. Now no doubt I will have to go through the same time wasting rigmarole. I would be happy to cancel but I order it for an elderly neighbour who would be disappointed


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