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Newsagents save time and money with POS software connection for The Lott lottery tickets

Newsagents have benefited from the connection between their lottery ticket terminals from The Lott and POS software for years. The lottery ticket sales transfer automatically, without re-entering ticket values.

The link was completed by several software companies years ago. I know my newsagency software company, Tower Systems, did. Tower also made the link available for free.

I mention this today because of a story this week from one newsagent, using other software, who has been manually entering ticket purchases on their EFTPOS machine for customers who want to pay by card and to even recording the purchase in their POS – to avoid manual entry for a third time.

I know plenty off newsagents stop by this place. This post is a reminder.

The more keystrokes you can eliminate at the counter the more mistakes you eliminate and the more time you save.

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