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Too many newsagency suppliers are clueless as to what we can sell

A supplier earlier this week told me they made sure to stay within what we could sell when pitching products.

What do mean what we could sell, I asked. You know, nothing over $25, they said. Who set that limit?, I asked.

They were stumped. They had no idea how the $25 became a limit in their head, a limit as to what they would pitch.

This discussion became a thing because I could see they were pitching less than a third of the products they had. Whatever set the limit was stopping them pitching $200 and more items I am sure we could sell.

If you are a supplier to newsagents, stop limiting what you pitch based on some price ceiling you think exists as to what newsagents could sell. Let the retailer decide. Be prepared to be surprised by what sells in engaged newsagency businesses.

There are no boundaries to what Aussie newsagents can sell in their businesses. I know newsagents who run full fashion businesses in-store, others with firearms businesses, others strong in the camping space while others offer a deep range of homewares.

We are at a point in time when suppliers likely have little idea on what is possible in a retail business in our channel.

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  1. Rod Hurley

    Very true.

    At my newsagent in regional Tasmania, I sold a $300 wall clock this week, after it being unpacked and on the shelf for only about an hour!

    Last year I sold a $600 plastic model kit of a spitfire after striking up a conversation with a customer who bought an $8 magazine.

    If suppliers only knew and valued us as one of the key gateways into broad-ranging retail. Their sales would rocket!


  2. Emma King

    We would love to become suppliers to newsagencies! If anyone is interested we would love to hear from you.

    We would love to discuss having our stock in your gift shop. We are a Tasmanian business and attach some info on our brand and wholesale info.

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