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Why are newsagencies closing?

Newsagency closures are on the rise. Not at a concerning level, but a rise nevertheless. We are likely to round out 2023 with around 250 closures, a not insignificant number.

While the owners will have their own narrative around the reason or reasons for closure, there is a common, often unspoken, reason for many newsagency closures.

They have not evolved far enough away from the traditional newsagency model of decades ago, they have done done en ought to make their business more appealing to more people.

Many newsagents have thriving profitable businesses. Typically, these successful businesses have evolved, and continue to evolve. They understand the shingle stands for less now than ever before. They know that what they stock matters most as that sits at the heart of the appeal of their business.

Newsagencies are closing because you can rely on papers, magazines, lotteries and stationery to deliver the traffic you need. Change is vital. And, hundreds of newsagents have shown that change delivers excellent results.

There will be some who will wish I had not written this, that talk of closures is best left for private discussion. The thing is, it’s happening, people see it on the street. It’s something we can stop, if we want.

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