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The Editor of People’s Friend magazine explains the importance of newsagents to them

In a recent issue of RN magazine in the UK, the editor of The People’s Friend magazine explained the importance of newsagents to their success when talking about their 8,000th issue. While written for UK readers of the news and convenience retailing magazine, The People’s Friend is a vital weekly title for many Aussie newsagents. It outsells other weeklies in some local shops. The People’s Friend shoppers are regular, loyal, and valuable.

The People’s Friend is a title we regularly pitch on social media as people love reading about it and being reminded about it. It’s a magazine that has stayed true to itself.

Reading this terrific coverage from RN, I wish Aussie magazine publishers felt the same way about our channel and we as focussed as folks at The People’s Friend are.

In practical terms, I use The People’s Friend as a beacon brand in my shops. By beacon brand, I mean a title to put in prime position at the top of a column, to draw eyeballs to a section. It fills the first 2 or 3 pockets, as a beacon. This encourages purchases of other titles with it.

I am grateful to Steve Denham for sharing this.


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  1. Shelley

    I like the story next to it too “Stockists, not ads, are key to our success”. An ad free publication is most certainly a rarity these days.


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