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Online selling can have its challenges

In part because they are not in front of you, online customers can be challenge. Take this example:

Our 5 year old son has ordered them from your website without telling us using our credit card. We would like a refund please.

Now, how a 5 year old could do this as a. first time customer, ticking the right box, entering in the address as it was not auto filled. The challenge with a transaction like this is that the bank would side with the shopper and issue a refund.

Then, there are those who attack. This email is from someone who thought we were another business and was not happy when I told them they had the wrong organisation and suggested they contact the other business, which has no connection whatsoever with us.

You cxxt. I hope you fall over and die. You are an idiot. You know nothing about customer service.

One of the best (worst) tho was this one.

You need to refund me for this parcel because this is how it was delivered. It can’t have been my dogs because they were locked up all day. This is your fault.

Here’s the photo of the parcel they sent through.

And, here’s the photo of proof of delivery by Australia Post:

The extent of wild claims and scams are such that it’s important to factor a financial buffer into your prices online, so you can fund the scams that you cannot fight back on.

Big businesses deal with this by negotiating supply prices that have coverage built into the price model for this sort of behaviour.

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  1. Steve Denham

    A minority of people think that its ok to steal and this type of crime is the same as shop theft. My son runs an online store and he had an order returned, but the package just contained junk plastic. He now videos the packing operation as evidence of product and pack quality. Would it have happened before the Covid Lock Downs?



  2. Mark Fletcher

    Steve that’s a smart move by your son. Essential these days. A challenge is the banks that favour the customer and not the retailer even when the retailer has irrefutable evidence.


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