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What’s a good thing to write on a Christmas card?

What should I write on a Christmas card?

What words should I write on a Christmas card?

What’s good to say on a Christmas card?

How should I write on a Christmas card?

What’s the best thing to write on a Christmas card?

These questions and similar are being asked hundreds of times every day on search engines in Australia at the moment. People what to know what to write on Christmas card, how to, and more.

This is an opportunity for local newsagents to provide this advice on social media. be the expert, the helper, the guide. Help them find their way to express themselves on Christmas cards.

Before getting into what to write on a Christmas card, remember that any card you give is for now, and for years into the future. Take your time.

What you write needs to reflect you, how you feel, how you want to be remembered.

The best way to figure out what to write is to take a piece of paper and start writing. This way you can figure it out through trial on paper and not on the card.

But, if you really are stuck, try these suggestions offering varying degrees of expressing feelings:

I never tell you enough how much you do mean to me.

Christmas is brighter thanks to you.

Knowing you is a wonderful Christmas gift.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Thanks for everything you do for me.

I wish I was there to hug you in person.


You’re a good mate and I appreciate you for that.

If none of those give you ideas on what to write, you could go very basic and write to [their name] and at the bottom, from [your name]. But do you really want to be remembers for that?

Sometimes a Christmas card is a good way to share a memory. It shows you thinking of them, that you have fond memories.

Sending a Christas card is not an obligation. It’s an honour to be able to give them something they can cherish for years, something to ignite warmth in their heart years down the track. So, take your time, reflect what you think and feel. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It’s important, though, to be yourself.

What’s a good thing to write on a Christmas card? Write a greeting appropriate between you and the person for whom you are writing the card.

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