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Is For Arts Sake back in business?

It looks like it. I went to an online b2b trading portal on the weekend and was able to view product, add it to a cart and pay. I didn’t;t pay, of course – I was interested to see how far the transaction might go.

The page from which I can access 3,164 For Arts Sake products looks and feels like the For Arts Sake that sold to newsagents for years before being wound up in August this year following a creditor petition.

From that same page I could access more about the business.

Now, it could be that the listing at the b2b portal is old, but that would be out of character for the proactive portal, especially given that the For Arts Sake business was liquidated months ago.

If the listing is current, and stock available under this brand, it’s a resurrection to match that of Lazarus.


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