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Retail management advice: the easy 5-minute way you can discover dead stock

Last week I shared the following advice with retailers using POS software from Tower Systems, the software company I own. With 60% of newsagents with POS software in their businesses using Tower, I thought I’d share the advice here. In a few minutes you can discover terrific opportunity in your business. Now, the software is called Retailer. Here’s the advice:

Open Retailer. Go to Reports. Select the last option, Insights Dashboard. Click on What’s Not Selling. This tab will list products not performing. You can adjust settings to suit your specific business.

Stock that is not selling is dead stock, capital tied up, space tied up.

Once you know what is not selling you have the opportunity to act in a targeted way to quit the dead stock and not order it again.

Many retailers ignore looking at dead stock. Some don’t want to know while others are scared to discover it and others don’t think it is important.

In our experience, a retailer looking at dead stock for the fist time will discover that around 20% of their total stock on hand is dead. In a business with $120,000 in stock, that’s $24,000 in capital at risk. Can you afford to have $24,000 doing nothing for your business?

Listing dead stock is one way you can make more money from your business by using your Retailer software.

The Insights dashboard provides easy access to actionable insights into your business. It helps you make more money.

Do it now: Open Retailer. Go to Reports. Select the last option, Insights Dashboard. Click on What’s Not Selling.

If you’d like help doing this or understanding, please reach out. Also, our knowledge base offers an awesome video about the Insights Dashboard. I have opened this video for anyone to watch – no need to log in.

To me, in a newsagency, any stock item more than six months old could be considered dead. Certainly to anyone buying a newsagency it would be reasonable to consider such stock dead and therefore not worth paying full wholesale price at settlement.

Now if you think it best to not know about dead stock I’d say you are wrong because at some point in time the cost of dead stock will be an issue for you and you will want it resolved quickly. This is why checking now is good use of your time.

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