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Appointment retail is retail where you can only shop when the owner decides, and it is not what shoppers want

Before streaming services launched, the TV networks decided when we could watch something.

Before podcasts, radio stations decided when we could listen to something.

Before the internet, newspaper publishers decided when we could read news stories.

People love being able to watch, listen and read when they want. They love not having to consume to a time schedule set by a business.

Choice is important.

Appointment retail is retail where you can only shop when the owner decides.

If the shop does not have a website, you can only shop when the doors are open, you miss selling to people who prefer to choose when they do this.

In this video I share some thoughts about appointment retail and provide context for its relevance today.

I first shared the video around a week back. I am re-upping it today with additional context.

Appointment retail matters to newsagents since our channel is one of the slowest to adopt online. This sees many newsagents missing sales. I know because I have websites that have sold things to be delivered a few streets away from newsagents with the same products.

People want to shop when they want to shop and while your shop may feel busy, if you are not online you have no idea what you are missing.

There are other benefits of online:

  • You are more likely to know exactly what the shopper is looking for.
  • You can easily reach out to past shoppers based on what they purchased.
  • You have an alternative pricing outlet.
  • You can more easily win sales from a browser.
  • Sales are not limited to shop floor manpower.

What has happened with consuming entertainment is happening in retail.

If you say there are not enough shoppers in town, online could be helpful.

If you say this or that won’t sell here, you’re restricting your shopper reach.

If your business o=is not making what it needs for the rent or labour costs, being online can spread the load of carrying those costs.

If people around you are shopping online, which they are, being online can balance that.

Appointment retail is about you being where and when shoppers may purchase what you sell, without deciding when they can do this. It is about you being more flexible, available and ready.

My goal with this short video about appointment retail was to provide a context that gets people thinking about being online. What you do in your business that is up to you.

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