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Time away from the business is important: don’t lose yourself in your business

It is easy when you own a business to get lost in the business, for it to become your whole life, to be solely how people see you.

It’s important that business owners have time for themselves, beyond family even.

This is on my mind today because someone commented to me this week that they think I work crazy hours for my businesses, saying they strive to do that for their business.

I don’t work crazy hours. A typical week is 60 – 70 hours. My recharge is what I do outside of work. It’s refreshing and enjoyable. Beyond family time, of which there is plenty as my commute to the office is 5 minutes each way.

My relax and recharge passion is writing. It has been for many years. I’ve had plays produced here in Australia, the US, Canada and Ireland and a couple of short films made, including Chasing Rabbits, which won a bunch of awards. There was even a musical adaptation of a play, which won a Green Room Award in Melbourne. There have been some awards along the way, which have been validating.

Most recently, my book, Not Dead Yet was published. This was a 4-year project leading up to publishing and then promotional activity following. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my businesses.

If you’re interested in this life outside of business, you could read Visiting Mum in her nursing home was a shock at first. I didn’t expect it to become a joy, an article the folks at Guardian Australia asked me to write for them in December last year, on a topic related to the book.

I am grateful to host David Hunt for the interview we did for The Art Hunter about the book:

And this podcast episode too for the Staying Alive & Rich podcast with host Maria Ugrinovski:

I mention these things to demonstrate activity far away from business, activity that offers other life experiences and perspectives that I find rejuvenating and enjoyable.

While I appreciate this post will read as promotion, which it is, it is primarily here to show that I value a life outside of business. I think all of us who own and run businesses need outside interests that do more to define us as a person than the businesses themselves.

For sure, business is important is provides for so many who rely on it. I guess my point is that you rely on you and allowing yourself to get lost in business is unhealthy.

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