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Inspiring Christchurch gift fair

I am grateful for the opportunity to visit the Christchurch Gift Fair last weekend. It’s the smallest gift fair I have ever attended I think. Size, however, is not a measure of a good gift fair experience.

While the fair did have some of what we at gift fairs back here in Australia, there was plenty of new product to see. I have ordered from two already and excited for the opportunities those products bring.

If I had a shop in the Christchurch area, I think I would have spent at least $15,000 on products. The locally made products were particularly interesting. I liked the food and crafts as they would support the local narrative. Since my shop is not local I focussed on what I could use to reach new shoppers back home.

Since the Christchurch gift fair was small and not overloaded with visitors it was a completely different experience here in Australia. There was more time for the stands of interest and a better connection from the vendors, in part I think to them dealing with fewer people each day.

If you can get over to one of the New Zealand Gift Fairs, I think it would be well worth it.

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