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News Corp continues to fail newspaper home delivery subscribers with road-block customer service

Complaints about News Corp management of newspaper home deliver subscriptions to newsagents who stopped home delivery months and years ago continue. regulars here would have seen the comments by many subscribers.

From my own experience when I signed up for a subscription to The Australian and then sought to cancel after the initial period, the News Corp process is clearly structured to frustrate to a point that people give up. That is how it felt to me.

Subscribers ought be able to go to a website and cancel their subscription with one click. News Corp does not offer this service.

You have to call them. The first response after wanting to know why you want to cancel is to offer a deal. I’ve heard of people being offered an even better deal. The call process is layered with road blocks.

This is appalling customer service from News Corp in my opinion, and in my experience. For a company so invested in shouting at Australians and trying to tell us what to think, they appear disinterested in providing a good customer experience.

It’s as if the call centre mandate is to keep a subscriber at all costs – financial and emotional.

My advice for News Corp newspaper subscribers experiencing difficulties in cancelling their subscription because of road blocks by News Corp is to complain to your local office of consumer affairs and to email the ACCC. If you are owed a refund or the company has charged more than they should have in your opinion, and if you have the time, consider a claim to a small claims tribunal, like VCAT in Victoria. The more state and federal government agencies are made aware of what is happening here the better.


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