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On becoming a gateway

Welcome to a new retail model for newsagents for the new age. At this store you can:

  • Recharge your mobile (cell) phone, electronic purse and any other portable device you have.
  • Download content at ultra high speed (music, video, books, podcasts, and casts we’re yet to see emerge) to the devices of your choice.
  • Upload content from a range of devices.
  • Shop online.
  • Pay accounts online.
  • Advertise online.
  • Upload ads of interest to any device.
  • Upload pre set lottery and other service purchases.
  • You can do this 24/7 (even when we are closed) if you have an account with us and are wireless enabled.

    This new retail model is all about providing the gateway regardless of the medium. It’s not long term though as a bricks and mortar presence will not be part of the model for the content providors.

    Until now newsagents have been medium specific – print. This new model says the future is about access, the gateway, and that the medium is less relevant. With music tracks available for 99 cents the next step will be lifetime limited downloads which will make items available with a limited life. This will push transactional volume up.

    Through the Bill Express network 2,600 newsagents already have the beginnings of such a network. The challenge is for newsagents, Bill Express and content providers to appropriately, viably and quickly leverage the opportunity for us in the space.

    While much of what is proposed could be done from home, a national network of stores providing such access can help fuel the mobile paradigm shift.

    Bill Express

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