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San Francisco Chronicle extends podcast offerings

The San Francisco chronicle has announced an extension of its podcast offerings. Of the new podcasts, the one which interests me the most is Back Story. In Back Story, according to their website, ” Chronicle editors and writers give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at stories appearing in the paper”.

This is, in part, what I was looking for in my blog entry yesterday. More than what’s printed. Hearing an interviewee speak adds a new sense to their words. You get the emotion in their voice and for some stories this will be very compelling. Hearing a reporter or editor talk about a story can also provide an emotional context which can help in understanding.

Given the unique coverage of Australia with newsagencies (4,600 retailers specializing in newspapers and magazines) in every shopping mall and high street shopping situation, newspaper and magazine publishers have an excellent opportunity to use podcasts (in addition to what are developing as traditional uses) in a way not available in most other countries. This could win new readers and freshen the image of existing product. Plus is adds to the relevance of the newsagency channel.


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