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Take 5 data illustrates success of magazine campaign


I have been analysing the results in my newsagency of our now ten month old magazine sales strategy. Take 5 best illustrates the success of this campaign.

Year on year our sales are up 53%. That is phenomenal growth. But, the real success lies underneath these numbers. Whereas a year ago, 16% of all copies of Take 5 were sold alone, now that number is 10%. That is, fewer customers today purchase Take 5 alone than a year ago. Further, a year ago less than 1% of Take 5 customers purchased TV Week whereas today more than 5% purchase TV Week as well.

While we cannot know if we are poaching sales from other outlets, my suspicion is that at least some of the sales are incremental for the title because of the value proposition which underpins our loyalty campaign.

Our magazine club card campaign is getting our customers shopping the category with more depth. It’s also delivering loyalty.


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