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The lotteries challenge for newsagents

We know from our analysis of around 5,000,000 shopping baskets in newsagencies for sales from January through May this year that Lotteries products are sold alone (i.e. with no products from other categories) 68% in shopping centres, 61% in High Street situations and 55% of the time in rural situations.

These percentages are unhealthy for newsagents and we need to work with lotteries commissions on how we can increase lottery baskets to include other products. At the same time we can reveal ways we could work in other categories within newsagencies to unlock incremental lottery product sales.

This can be a win win.

the challenge is to get each of the lottery agencies around Australia on the same page and working together on this.

The current rules in some states of not being able to promote other product at the lottery counter denies the opportunity for an integrated approach to retail and that’s got to be unhealthy for all concerned.


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