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No Christmas Day newspaper

From what I understand there will be no Christmas Day newspapers home delivered in Australia this year.  If this is the case then kudos to newspaper publishers.

Christmas Day deliveries are expensive for newsagents.  This causes many to do them themselves, eating into what should be a genuine day off from the business.

I’d love to hear from any newsagents who have been told that they do have to deliver on Christmas day.

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  1. shaun s

    i didn’t realise there ever was a chrismas newspaper


  2. Max

    Just a few that were publishing on Christmas Day, Shaun. Really was a pain.
    This will be our first Christmas as a subby 🙂
    Means that the whole day is ours.


  3. Peter Stewart

    if there is one for us on xmas day, i will come down to the shop (1km) and throw them in the shop. close the door and go home to watch the kids open their presents…… i might throw them the next day with the boxing day paper


  4. Y&G

    Yeah, that was always sooo tempting.


  5. BruceH

    Good news for you guys in Vic. I guess. I am surprised – there hasn’t been a Xmas Day paper in NSW for over 7 years.


  6. Shayne

    I questioned News Ltd in Sydney last week and they are officialy “undecided” if there will be a xmas day paper this year. The fact that its a Sunday may sway them as I think they are concerned that their subscribers will miss out on their TV guide. We all know how Sunday customers can’t cope without it!


  7. Jennifer

    While speaking with the telegraph truck driver overnight he indicated that next Sunday a huge bumper edition of the Sunday Telegraph will be made and no paper will be published on Sunday Christmas Day.

    Not looking forward to a huge bumper edition of the Sunday telegraph the paper is already grossly over weight as is and the bulks on mass get heavy after a while


  8. Adam


    Not here Mark….365 days no matter what


  9. John Fitzpatrick

    Mark, The Sunday Mail in SA is not publishing – well done ANPL. They are looking at placing the Sunday TV book into Saturdays paper (a small edition) and telemarketing Sunday only customers to receive a sat paper. Any who convert for this day only, the newsagent will receive the FULL Sunday commission plus Saturday commission. Regards, a safe Christmas and New Year to all. John & Fay


  10. Peter Stewart

    fairfax is not doing the sun herald on xmas day in nsw, there is a notice on the connect website


  11. jenny

    Can’t remember when we last did a Xmas day delivery in NSW, I know many years ago when my kids were little the Sunday Telegraph was printed and not only did we have to do a paper run we were also told that we must open our shop or we would be blacklisted.
    From memory we opened our shop (kids in tow) then dumped the papers at a servo and went home.

    Thank goodness times have changed.
    I do wonder though how many people still phone their newsagent on Xmas day regarding a ‘missed delivery’.

    This year I had a fax from Fairfax customer service informing us that a customer only received half her paper on Sat after Xmas, obviously Fairfax customer service is no longer informed that there is only ever one part to the Saturday SMH over the Xmas/New Year break, as has been for yonks!


  12. Subaru

    I notice that times haven’t changed, and Fairfax still send FAXES instead of emails…..oh how i don’t miss any of that since we haven’t done a run since mid last year 🙂


  13. wendy

    Yes my Husband is very concerned about not getting his TV guide and he has started to fret so lets hope there is a paper printed for him


  14. Lance

    Wendy, just use last weeks……..
    White-Out the old dates and pencil in the new ones.
    Chances are good he won’t notice any difference if he’s a regular TV watcher…….. 🙂


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