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I wish magazine distributors would not make me pay for their optimism

I am disappointed with receiving five copies of Australian Geographic Outdoor magazine late last year. This is the first time we have received this title and three copies would have been enough, two even.

I’d prefer a magazine supply model where my shop is not used as a warehouse.  For a first time allocation, go low and let me order more stock as needed. If a distributor or publisher is bullish about how a magazine will perform they should take more of the risk rather than transferring that to newsagents.

The other challenge is finding space. Since we have not had this title previously we have to take a pocket from another title. Ah for a magazine distribution model which understand this and respects newsagents and what they have to do to manage a finite allocation of retail display space.

It’s my money at risk here – magazine distributors should be more respectful of that.

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