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Promoting Classic Pocketwatches part series

The issues canvassed here yesterday notwithstanding, we placed the first part of Classic Pocketwatches at the entrance to the aisle where we have our newspapers.  We decided to not use the front of the shop because of focus there primarily is for Mother’s Day right now.  We are really restricting magazine promotions at the front of the shop – unless they are excellent traffic generators.

The TV campaign for the Pocketwatches part series starts Wednesday so we’ll take another look at placement Thursday or Friday.


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  1. Australian Family Tree Connections

    A newsagency customer phoned us last week about when our May 2013 issue would be on sale. He was happy to know that we have changed our onsale date to the first week of the month.

    During our conversation he mentioned he had lost some faith with his local newsagency which he believed had prevented him from obtaining the complete set of a part works he had ordered.

    Because of the valuable information posted here, we were able to reassure our caller that it was most likely not his newsagency’s fault, as many are often well supplied with issues of part works to begin with, and then for no reason are suddenly under-supplied or not supplied at all.

    We enjoy going out of our way to help callers, but this one gave us an extra buzz!


  2. shauns

    AFTC well done and thanks for sharing .

    On another note what is going on with all the reissues of part works , pocket watches, doll houses and i just recieved an email about art of crochet , come on come up with some new ideas. Pocket watches where a sell out and i have orderd extras but still we need something new .


  3. Vicki

    Could be worse shauns, we got a maths partwork today. One we’d tried a couple of years ago and never sold a copy. But we were sent 6. Who the heck wants a maths partwork!!


  4. shauns

    Vicki yeah forgot that one , it is on display but i don’t have much hope for it but then again i have been wrong in the past


  5. Steve

    The Maths partwork would have to be the most boring packaging I’ve seen,and given the subject matter isn’t exactly exciting you’d expect a little more effort.


  6. Garry

    Sold 2


  7. Gary

    the math part work is terrible. The books that came with it aren’t even glued on properly. I doubt the customers in my area would even want them even if they were free!


  8. shauns

    Pocket watches nill stock left now waiting on back orders . Dejavu i think


  9. Siyp

    When is this actually coming out, since it hasn’t in the some of the eastern suburbs


  10. shauns

    typical disaster partworks situation , sold out of #1 orderd extras and already cut back on #2 they sent me 2 of not even enough to fill orders .


  11. shauns

    well lost my one and only putaway customer for pocket watches to subscription offer . The customers thoughts where that newsagency are fools for even selling them and I am starting to think along the same lines . The precious ricks partworks I have also lost 2 in one week to subs . The pocket watch customer was very thankfull for me chasing up back orders and broken watches and I wished him the best of luck when it comes time for replacements due to non working watches


  12. Amanda

    Why don’t you take the subsciptions out Shauns?


  13. Janice Sommer

    My husband purchased 120 pocket watches with magazines a while ago and now since he has died I would like to sell them, but, I don’t know how much they are worth or where to sell them


  14. Mark Fletcher

    Hi Janice, sorry for your loss. I think the best place to start would be a secondhand watch dealer either online or in a shop.


  15. Janice Sommer

    My husband purchased 120 of these pocket watches with magazines but he has died and I want to sell them but I don’t know what price or where to sell them


  16. Mark Fletcher

    Hi Janice, as I noted:

    sorry for your loss. I think the best place to start would be a secondhand watch dealer either online or in a shop.


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