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Daily Telegraph cover up

dailytelegraphcoverupMoney trumps editorial again today on the front cover of The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Not sure why retailers put up with News trying to divert traffic away from their shops. We’re not paid enough margin to justify this type of activity in our space.

newspaper masthead desecration

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  1. jenny

    Tip for newspaper editors – when offering a giveaway such as free shopping bag today do not put this on the front page unless it is for everyone, not just for metropolitan readers.


  2. BrettS

    But are we ready to remove Newspapers from out offering, I really think for non delivery Retailers its fast aproaching.
    Not only do we have to have this sort of rubbish thrown in our face but
    WHY can I not set my own supply through the web site.
    WHY am I only on sub agent commision.
    WHY when a promotion is offered can I not have it when I retail the product.
    The real question is how much do Newspapers add to basket building or are they no longer another brick in the wall?


  3. Allan Wickham

    BrettS, as a “retail agent” I’ve been saying for years…..give me full commission and I can sell more papers!!!!!


  4. June

    Allan and Brett, you obviously don’t understand the system of distribution/retail.
    The agent who does the distribution to subbies (like you) and home deliveries HAS TO GET UP AT MIDNIGHT 7 DAYS A WEEK. to do that job.
    Your papers are dropped inside the door of your shop and you only have to open them.
    I used to hear this from my subbies (when I still had distribution rounds plus retail) and I always explained as above.
    Someone has to do those hard yards and they have to be paid for it.
    It used to be that retailers were ACCREDITED and distributors were the AUTHORIZED NEWSAGENTS and that appears to be lost now but please have some heart for your fellow agents who do this soulless job 7 days a week.
    I believe my agent deserves his 12.5% but
    I don’t give papers the same amount of space and time that I used to when I was both the distributor and the retailer.
    Yesterday, for instance, I made $22 on the Sunday Mail which, if looked at carefully, should mean I should shut my doors on a Sunday and have a day off.
    Papers are no longer my main concern but
    for the distributor, it is his life blood so let’s cut him/her some slack.


  5. allan wickham

    June, I do understand the system and do realise what you go through in getting the papers delivered. The frustration for us “subbies” is when we see businesses offered great deals to get the paper supplied to them, eg. TAB or Coffee Club type promos. If they have the money to offer these type of deals then why not offer “subbies” the same deal, even occassionally.
    Whilst I do hear what you are saying my comment was saying “if I`m paid more, I can sell more” but from where I sit its like the publishers (and some supplying agents) arent interested in growing sales, more interested in bemoaning the poor state of the game.



  6. allan wickham

    Oh and for the record June, I too was sick of making nothing on a Sunday and did make the choice to close……THE BEST decision I have ever made.


  7. Gary

    those of us in a shopping center don’t have the luxury of dictating our trading hours.


  8. BrettS

    Delivery meh been there done that use to deliver BOTH the morning and afternoon papers 7 days for many many moons and suns.
    As for someone has to get up at midnight, I choose to when I brought that Newsagency.
    And 12.5% is not enough for retail plain and simple if the publishers don’t do something I can foresee papers not just going to the back of shops but being removed in time 100% from them.
    Better commission
    More control over supply amounts.
    Able to offer the promotion
    If both Publishers would wake up they might be able to stem the blood lose and even prove to there paid advertisers that the heart still beats
    At the end of the day no one HAS to get up at any time that is there choice as once it was mine.


  9. Jenny

    June, so true what you write.
    The other point is if distribution agents did not have good retail only agents to make 12.5% from would they still do distribution?
    We for one would not, and I am sure there are many others in the same boat
    It is this 12.5 commission that makes it profitable, not commission or fees from home delivered papers.
    Gary I am in a shopping centre and would love to shut Sunday as we rarely make wages, but I open and close earlier than our core hours and if its a really quiet day I only open 5 not 6 hours.


  10. Amanda

    Unfortunately the horse has now bolted.

    Action should have been taken 5+years ago to earn better commission structures for newsagents from both Magazine and Newspaper Publisher’s. Contracts should have been challenged, and new terms negotiated. There is room for greater commissions to be achieved, whether that be in the form of firm sale basis or sale or return.

    The problem? There are 4-5,000 newsagents out there who will sacrifice nothing as their livelihood’s depend on this. Publisher’s know this.

    Compare that with Woolworths who recently opened their 900th store. Or the Coles group or even NewsLink. These companies DICTATE terms, they do not accept inferior terms.

    Distribution agents should receive 40% commission, retail newsagents 27.5-30%. Supermarkets drop to another level, with other retailers such as petrol stations and convenience stores dropping to a further level below that.

    Newsagents should NOT have to subsidise the retail presence of magazines and newspapers in other outlets.


  11. Allan Wickham

    I like your commission structure Amanda.


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