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Queensland Times story about struggling newsagency businesses

The Queensland Times gave space this week to a ‘story‘ promoting a business book author in which newsagents were held up as struggling businesses. he’s using fear to promote his wares:

“While newsagencies were once a ‘gold plated’ safe business, the industry is still reeling from deregulation in 1999.

“They have one remaining cash cow in lotteries which could well be deregulated in the next 12 months too, spelling disaster for newsagents throughout Australia.

The article goes on to list 10 ways to save a struggling business. I agree with each idea and have written about all of them at some time or another here.

The balance that could have been brought to the article is that there are many newsagents enjoying success from turning around their businesses or at least starting to see success from this.

Success starts with good business data. This good data feeds better business decisions.

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