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Missteps at People’s Friend distributor move

magspfdecPeople’s Friend magazine switched distributors from Gordon & Gotch to Network Services today and several newsagents have contacted me about the impact of this on their business. Some received less stock and one received more.  It’s not hard for a change of distributor to be handled better than this. One newsagency was so short supplied they could not satisfy put-away requests.


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  1. carol

    It amazes me how popular this magazines seems to be in some areas of Australia. It must be the English migrants. Is it sold to mostly elderly POMs? I read this great little mag and one other customer that I have recommended it too. I receive 6 copies. Always only sell 2.


  2. h

    Yes Carol, it’s a beauty. 52 issues a year.
    Consistent revenue. Rotate other titles next to it week by week for extra impulse sales of Prima, Good Housekeeping, English Womens Weekly, Woman, Womans Own, Best of British, Country Weekly, British Vogue, British Instyle, Royalty, Majesty etc etc.
    When we were notified of the switch of distributor we rang a couple of days later to confirm that our standing order would be the same as usual, and it was.


  3. Mark Fletcher

    Great magazine. Love it. Loyal customers. And they buy other items.


  4. Steve

    You don’t have to be a POM to read peoples friend but being elderly and an anglophile seams a prerequisite. Received exactly the same supply from Network as I use to get from G&G so no complaints there. Damn sight better than when IPS took on vintage caravan and it took over 3months and a number of phone calls and emails to get my supply reinstated.


  5. John Fitzpatrick

    Regular supply from G&G of 6 (net sale 4 copies) NS 10!

    About an 80% increase in copies!



  6. Mark Fletcher

    John – maybe as a result of the cut in staff in the allocations team. Frustrating!


  7. Gary

    why have an allocations team when everyone’s sales data are sent daily via XchangeIT?

    Allocations and SBR shouldn’t be that hard with all the historical sales data they have…


  8. Ian

    We have not received Peoples friend since mid 2006, 2 Copies. We have received 5 Copies. What use is SALES DATA, surely we should have received only 2 or if short of supply NONE. Rocket Science!!!!!!!


  9. Peter

    Love peoples Friend, it is by a factor of 2 to 3 in quantity other all other titles for putaways.


  10. Brendan

    Great mag for us too. Usually sell high teens to very loyall customers and have strong putaways for this title.


  11. Steve

    I’ve been getting a bit confused today. Having sorted out the take 5 rush it to the selves,that’s life hold till Thursday debacle,easy call if its in the shop it’s on the shelves I’m not spending the next 2 days explaining that to every customer, I then discovered that I’d been sent Peoples Friend special #78 from G&G AND Peoples Friend special #79 from Network. You would think the publisher would have sorted that out before it happened.


  12. shauns

    that’s life hold till Thursday ? why


  13. June

    Love this blog -love the people who engage with it – love my customers – had a great couple of weeks in the shop.
    Merry Xmas everyone and enjoy your day (or two) off.
    It feels like long service leave to me – 2 days inarow – yippee!!!!!!!
    I keep forgetting that I’m old and tired.


  14. Brett

    June, agree!

    I will have 2 days with my family and friends. I will give them nothing but my time, my love and perhaps some wine and steak.

    Merry Xmas to all


  15. h

    It has been a fantastic couple of weeks for us too. Daughter is home to do her special ham and I look forward to the old school friends popping in at this time of year, love seeing how they are all growing up.
    Front counter staff have their reindeer hats and hubby is even wearing the on with “Cupid” on it – proof that this IS the silly season.

    Merry Christmas to All !


  16. Jenny

    And now it’s almost here, fantastic!

    h it’s great to have the kids all back home together for a few days, I love it.

    I have taken today off to get organised before heading off early to my family’s for tomorrow’s celebrations. I feel very lucky having great ladies working in the shop who are all happy to do extra hours today.

    We are having 24 at our home for Boxing Day lunch, a tradtion we started when the kids were little so they got to see all their cousins at Xmas.
    They now range from 16 to 27 and this is the highlight of Xmas, no longer the presents just the fun and food and catching up, and of course the Boxing Day cricket match – country vs city vs coast.

    Apart from a paper run on Boxing Day morning there will be absolutely no thoughts of work for two whole days!

    Merry Xmas, hope everyone here has a wonderful day tomorrow and a healthy and prosperous 2014. X


  17. Beverley Price

    I am writing to find out what had happened to the last 3 issues of People’s Friend. Last issue I received [ I have a standing order at my local Newsagent], was on 2nde June, and the issue was for 9th February. I do hope I can get some answer to this problem.


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