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Is Supanews using its franchisees to compete with them?

supanewsbagSupanews head office supplies its franchisees with bags for shoppers. The only promotion on the bags is for the website:  www.supanews.com and note that this website is owned and operated by a Hong Kong business an that items at the site cannot be purchased through any Supanews retail store.

Besides the confusing message of what a shopper can access in a bricks and mortar store versus the website trading under the same brand (read the note at the bottom of the bag) is the question some Supanews franchisees are asking – is this our franchisor competing with us?

I am told that Supanews representatives have said they do not own the Hong Kong business that owns the website. In following the company registration trail to an accountants office in Hong Kong. While I can’t answer the question about ownership, if I were a Supanews franchisee I’d be taking steps to get clarity as to who owns the business behind www.supanews.com.au. I would also demand that the franchisor stop using my franchised business to promote a business off of which I gain no revenue.

Click on the bag to read the detail.


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  1. Andrew G

    I might be off track here but is supanews group in trouble? I read via google, that nextra was a potential buyer of the group


  2. Mark Fletcher

    Andrew I have heard nothing about this so I doubt it.


  3. Andrew G

    I simply googled “who owns the supanews group” and I think the second or third entry covered the story


  4. Mark Fletcher

    I don’t doubt your search results but I do doubt the report.


  5. Andrew G

    [REMOVED] is the name of the group detailing the story about Nextra buying up to 20 of the supanews shops that are in trouble. Have u ever heard of that group Mark?


  6. shauns

    That site or what ever it is should just be called Smashing Nextra ,everything on it is negative


  7. Mark Fletcher

    Andrew yes a couple of people have pointed it out. I’ve removed your link as I don’t want it promoted here – even in an unmoderated comment.


  8. Steve

    I think Nextra may have taken the wrong blog to court having just checked out the newsagentcymarketing.wordpress one. relentlesslyattacknextra.wordpress would be a better title. You couldn’t trust anything written on a site thats so obviously biased. That doesn’t mean they aren’t correct just that you cant trust it.


  9. Andrew G

    Yes I agree there seems to be an agenda there against Nextra but with such a strongly worded statement as that I would have thought Gaskin would have immediately repudiated it.


  10. shauns

    Mark while I would normally hate to see a message or part of deleted I think that was the right thing to do , I have been reading that site and WOW is all I have to say . .


  11. Andrew G

    My comment seems to have been deleted.
    I had asked that with a statement so bold as to insinuate supanews was in danger of collapsing, you would have thought Adrian Gaskin would have jumped through hoops to repudiate the statement and appease his franchisees that all is well.


  12. Andrew G

    Oops not deleted, my apologies


  13. F Ranchisee

    Yes they are using us! They offered a great deal on the bags, being subsidised by Supanews Ltd, but failed to tell us that it would have supanews.com printed on them. We ditched them pretty quick. When they first launched the online store, several franchisees asked the question of the director, when were you going to tell the franchisee’s about it? They got a terse response and were told that Supanews Retail has nothing to do with Supanews Ltd! Now all the corporate stores have banners all around the shop advertising the online store. I too would like to know who the directors of Supanews Ltd are, although I have a hunch as to who.


  14. Andrew J

    Is the rumour mill true that Supanews is in trouble F Ranchisee?


  15. Mark Fletcher

    Andrew I’ve heard no such rumours recently. Given that comments here are unmoderated please take care with what you say.


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